The name of this organization shall be the Cape and Islands Democratic Council, hereinafter called the (CIDC). 



Assistant Treasurer: He/she shall act as Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer and shall perform whatever other duties the Treasurer and President may assign. 

At-large member: 8 elected biennially: (1) when a vacancy occurs on the exec board, it will be filled by an at-large member; (2) will be an active member of one standing committee. Can vote in CIDC general meetings.

Area Vice President: The Vice President in whose district a meeting is taking place.

Associate member: Any person in Barnstable, Dukes, or Nantucket County who supports the ideals of the Democratic party, has completed the CIDC membership form and is in good standing with the CIDC. This person cannot vote during any CIDC meetings.

Ex officio member: Immediate Past President, DTC Chairs, members of the Democratic State Committee, and elected Democratic state and county office holders residing in Barnstable, Dukes, or Nantucket County. Must be in good standing with the CIDC, can vote in CIDC general meetings.

Executive Board: Elected biennially composed of: President; Vice President Barnstable 1st; Vice President Barnstable 2nd; Vice President Barnstable 3rd; Vice President Barnstable 4th; Vice President Barnstable 5th; Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket Vice President; Treasurer; Recording Secretary; and Corresponding Secretary can vote in CIDC general meetings.

Full member: Any person in Barnstable, Dukes, or Nantucket County who is registered as a Democrat, has completed the CIDC membership form and is in good standing with the CIDC. This person can vote during CIDC general meetings.

General membership: Executive Board Members, Full members, Associate members, and Ex Officio Members.

Good standing: Dues have been paid and membership form has been completed

Officers: Executive Board, Assistant Treasurer, Webmaster, Social Media Editor, Affirmative Action Chairman, Membership Chairman, 2 Youth Outreach Chairmen (one male, one female), at-large members.

Parliamentarian: A member designated by the President on a per-meeting basis, who will maintain Robert’s Rules of Order and keep meetings on point relative to that.

President: Leader elected biennially by the General Membership.

Vice Presidents: Elected by the General Membership biennially.



The CIDC is a political action committee and is organized and constituted under authority of and in accordance with the provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws, and shall have as its purposes the following:  to promote the ideals of the Democratic Party; to work and organize for the election of  Democratic candidates at the municipal, county, state and national level; to address and promote the needs and interests of Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket Counties as related to the Democratic Party’s platform; and to provide a forum for the discussion of issues and ideologies important to all residents of Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket Counties, the Commonwealth and the nation.



  1. Membership in the CIDC shall be open to any resident of Barnstable, Dukes or Nantucket County who supports the ideals of the Democratic Party.  Applicants must fill out a membership application and pay the annual dues.  
  2. Youth:
    1. Any politically engaged resident who supports the Democratic Party Platform and is under the age sixteen (16) may be considered a Full Member and is not required to pay annual dues.
    2. Any full time student who has pre-enrolled or registered as a Democrat may be considered a Full Member and is not required to pay annual dues.
  3. The CIDC recognizes the need for participation by all segments of the population and emphasizes the importance of affirmative action to ensure diverse representation.
  4. Officers and Full Members shall be entitled to attend and vote at all CIDC general meetings.
  5. Membership shall be distinguished as follows:
    1. Full Members and Officers, in good standing shall be entitled to vote at CIDC general membership meetings.
    2. Associate Members may attend all CIDC general membership meetings, but cannot vote.
  6. Attendance of all who are present shall be recorded by sign-in at each general CIDC meeting.  A quorum is established as 5% of Full Membership being signed into a General Meeting and at least 5 towns being represented.  
  7. Any member may be removed by procedures guaranteeing them notice and due process, by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting at a meeting called for that purpose, for the following causes;
    1. public support for or contribution to an opponent of a Democratic nominee who supports the platform of the Party as adopted at the most recent state and national  conventions;
    2. unauthorized use of the Party's name or resources;
    3. conviction of a criminal offense other than a misdemeanor.



 General membership meetings shall take place no less than four times per year, and shall rotate throughout Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket Counties, as much as is feasible.

  1. Notice of all regular and special meetings shall be sent, with a provisional agenda, to the General Membership by the Corresponding Secretary at least fourteen (14) days before such meeting as circumstances allow.  Special meetings are those not pre-scheduled, but must have 48 hours notice. Timely notice shall also be posted on the CIDC website, Facebook page and sent to the news media.
  2. At any CIDC meeting, decisions will be made by consensus.  In a case of a vote, a motion will carry with a majority vote of those voting members present, provided that a quorum is present.
  3. Members may attend meetings and vote remotely as the technology allows.  Every effort will be made to have this available for meetings.
  4. Special meetings may be called at any time by:
    1. a majority of the Executive Board;
    2. a majority of Officers
    3. a petition presented by ten or more Full Members of the CIDC.
  5. The conduct of meetings shall be in accordance with the most recent Roberts' Rules of Order, except as otherwise noted in these bylaws.



 The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of all CIDC and Executive Board meetings, maintain the official records of CIDC, shall keep the attendance record of all Members, and shall perform such other record keeping duties as shall be required.   In the absence of the Secretary from a meeting, a Secretary Pro tem will be named.

  1. The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for the correspondence of the CIDC, including the mailing of meeting notices and other materials, and shall perform such other communications duties as assigned. This secretary shall maintain a current list of CIDC Members and send membership renewal/dues notifications to all Members. 
  2. The Affirmative Action Chairman shall be responsible for the planning, coordinating, publicizing and implementing of an appropriate affirmative action program. They shall seek to include in CIDC activities members of underrepresented local groups, including, but not limited to: Cape Verdeans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Afro-Americans, Asian-Americans, handicapped, young, elderly, and low-income people.
  3. The Membership Chairman shall be responsible for compiling and maintaining a current list of all CIDC Members and for efforts to increase CIDC membership.
  4. Officers of the CIDC may be removed, with adequate notice and due process, for failing to perform the duties of the office, by a two-thirds vote at a CIDC Officers meeting. 
  5. Vacancies in any office shall be filled by election at the next General Membership meeting.  Temporary appointment to office will be made by the Executive Board from the At-Large Membership until an election at a General Membership meeting.



  1. The CIDC may endorse a Democratic candidate who is running unopposed in a primary, providing such a candidate appear before the CIDC and request endorsement. 
  2. The CIDC may endorse a Democratic candidate who is running opposed if his/her opponent does not support the Massachusetts Democratic Platform.
  3. The CIDC may endorse any nominee who supports the Massachusetts Democratic platform.
  4. The CIDC reserves the right to withhold an endorsement.



  1. All Board Members shall be active on at least one Standing Committee.
  2. A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President in preparation for each biennial election.  In making its recommendations, the Committee shall bear in mind geographical distribution, male/female representation, and affirmative action considerations.
  3. The President shall preside at CIDC and Executive Board meetings and shall be the official spokesman for the organization.
  4. The President shall call meetings of the Executive Board and appoint committees (with the advice and consent of the Executive Board), issue publications, recruit staff, and perform such other duties as required by custom and these bylaws.
  5. The President and the Treasurer, acting together, may make expenditures of up to $500.00 between meetings without the prior approval of the Executive Board.  Such expenditures shall be included in the Treasurer’s report.
  6. The Area Vice Chair shall preside over CIDC meetings if the President cannot attend.
  7. Each Vice President will be responsible for organizing the logistics of at least one General Membership meeting and one regional fundraising event per calendar year in conjunction with the Events/Fundraising Committee.
  8. The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all funds of the CIDC, shall deposit all money received, shall make disbursements as directed by the Executive Board, and shall keep an accurate book of accounts.  
  9. The Treasurer shall make financial reports as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Treasurer shall also make a financial report at every meeting, submit a budget recommendation to the Executive Board before the start of the fiscal year, and issue an annual report no later than 30 days after the end of each fiscal year.
  10. The Treasurer’s books shall be audited annually by a committee of three General Members, appointed by the President.  
  11.  The Executive Board shall meet bi-monthly on a schedule determined by its membership or at a call of the President. Five members shall constitute a quorum.
  12.  A minimum attendance of 75% of all CIDC meetings annually is required.
  13.  It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board
    1. to formulate policies and procedures for the CIDC, which shall then be submitted for the General Membership’s approval;
    2. to plan and conduct political, educational and fundraising events that will promote the purpose of the CIDC;  
    3. when necessary, to authorize the President to make public, in the name of the Executive Board, such statements as the Board approves for release;
    4. to set the annual membership dues;
    5. to set the agenda for each general meeting of CIDC;
    6. to perform all other duties and functions that are customary or set forth elsewhere in these bylaws.
  14. Any person who is a candidate in a contested primary shall recuse himself/herself from active participation on the CIDC Executive Board.




 The CIDC shall have the following Standing Committees:

          a) Events/Fundraising

          b) Audit

          c) Legislative Action

          d) Membership

          e) Political Action

          f) Communications



 The fiscal year shall follow OCPF filing deadlines. Full Members must pay annual dues by March 31st of each year, to remain in good standing.



 These Bylaws may be amended, added to or repealed by a majority vote of General Members present and voting at a regular or special meeting, provided that notice of such change, together with the proposed text of the changes, shall have been sent at least 30 days before the meeting to all General Members.

Adopted November 18, 1981

Revised  May 1, 1984

Revised  April 9, 1994

Revised  March 9, 2011

Revised  October 17, 2017


Attested to: President ________________________

                                               Sandra Milano


                        Secretary ________________________

                                               Katie Jacobus

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